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-The Original, New York, USA.

GUARDIANS-The Original

East Coast USA, Regional Chapter


On the occasion of the launching of the GUARDIANS Brotherhood, Inc.(GBI)- The Original East Coast USA Regional Chapter, I would like to commend and express my appreciation to all officers and members of the Chapter, especially its Founder, EDUARDO "SGF ALAKDAN" M. CALUB, who is now elevated to National Founder and shall now be "NF ALAKDAN."

From 1980, when we were still DIABLO SQUADS, CRIME BUSTER (DCSB),  to GUARDIANS BROTHERHOOD, INC in 1984 and onward, the organization has grown big. Unfortunately, it was also fragmented into different factions, where some members didn't really understand the real meaning and purpose of the GBI. Worse, some of the leaders resorted to turning the organization into "Money Machine" for their personal gain at the expense of the innocent members. With the resurgence of the GBI-The Original and its vigilance against irregularity, however, all negative connotation to the GUARDIANS shall be wiped away and its prestige as a unique organization of highly respected individuals shall be restored. The GBI-The Original shall not tolerate any form of misdeed committed or might be committed by its officers and members.

The GBI-The Original strictly observes its Code of Ethics and the Panuntunan ng Wastong Paguugali which every member is required to follow and understand by heart, while applying the GBI By-Laws, Rules and Regulations, and the Six (6) Guiding Principles of Brotherhood, Discipline, Service, Peace, Justice, and Equality. As long as each member shall adhere and stand for these, no one will go wayward and everyone shall trek the right path towards the success of our organization where every member shall be be proud of and can look straight into the eyes of anyone.

The GBI-The Original shall likewise observe transparency, especially on fiscal matters, in order to erase the suspicion of wrongdoing on the part of the officers holding key positions in the GBI. We will continuously uphold our tradition of close-knit ties where all members shall treat each other as brothers and sisters, while preserving fellowship, camaraderie, and oneness.

We should be proud of ourselves as members of this prestigious organization. However, let us also be cautious in accepting new members who don't meet our standard as we are not after quantity but quality of members.

With these, the GBI-The Original East Coast USA Regional Chapter, based in the eastern frontier and by far the only GBI-The Original official chapter in the entire USA, shall now serve as the exemplary GBI-The Original chapter for all other chapters that may be born in this part of the world.

In view of this, I would like to reiterate my deep appreciation to all officers and members of the GBI-The Original East Coast USA Regional Chapter for your efforts to organize this Chapter towards a common goal of brotherhood, unity, camaraderie, fellowship, and solidarity, while extending mutual aid to all members.

My snappy salute to all of you. Thank you...!!!


GBI-The Original, National Chairman/Incorporator