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-The Original, New York, USA.

GUARDIANS-The Original

East Coast USA, Regional Chapter

About Us

The GUARDIANS Brotherhood, Inc. (GBI) - The Original East Coast USA, is a regional chapter of GUARDIANS Brotherhood Inc.(GBI) - The Original.

GUARDIANS Brotherhood Inc. - The Original  East Coast USA, Regional Chapter was organized to encourage patriotic Filipinos living in the northeastern states of America to join and link arms with the GUARDIANS to foster brotherhood and sisterhood among members along with their families. It is not a gang of mobsters but a group of well-meaning men and women with Filipino ancestry who would like to reconnect to their motherland through “PATRIOTISM” and let everybody know that they are proud to be PINOY!

With their Filipino spirit in high-gear mode, the  members would like to rally Filipino expatriates all over the world to revitalize their link with the motherland - the Philippines - and to keep the patriotic fervor ever burning in their hearts!